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Spectrum Analyzer-"Superhero "the Guardian of Life and Health


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Spectrum Analyzer-"Superhero "the Guardian of Life and Health


Introduction: The water pollution early warning and tracing instrument is a new type of instrument developed for monitoring drinking water quality and pollution supervision. Its features are fast and accurate.

Scientific instruments are like a group of “superhero” and they are guarding our life and health.

Industrial off-gas volatile gas (VOCs) on-line monitoring system.

Since the implementation of the Action Plan for Prevention and Control of Atmospheric Pollutionand the Twelfth Five-Year Planfor Air Pollution in Key Areas, VOCs control has become an important part of air pollution control. Industrial off-gas volatile gas (VOCs) on-line monitoring system is a monitoring instrument for VOCs emissions in petrochemical, medical manufacturing, electronics production and other industries. The instrument adopts a high-sensitivity photo ionization detector. Faced with the problems of large amounts of pollutants, large variations in concentration, and indefinite emission time in industrial exhaust emissions, continuous precision monitoring can be achieved and the concentrations of different pollutants can be analyzed. At the same time, the instrument and the competent environmental protection department are connected online in real time to assist relevant departments in real-time monitoring.

The spectrum analyzer can be said to be Mr. Chao Neng in the detection instrument. It can be seen in bio medicine, energy environment, food safety and other fields. Taking food testing as an example, friends who often buy food should know that there is a nutritional composition table on the packaging of snacks to show consumers the content of major nutrients such as calories, fats, proteins, carbohydrates, and sodium in foods. , and the acquisition of these data can not be separated from the spectrum analyzer. The instrument recognizes the chemical composition of the material by diffusing the near-infrared ray to the material of the article, the molecules in the active material, and the optical fiber reflected by the molecular vibration, according to the unique optical characteristics of the light.

In fact, there are far more scientific instruments that guard our lives and health around us. Each instrument has its own field of glowing heat. Although different instruments perform their duties in different fields, they are all doing the same thing. That is guarding the health of human life and contributing to human development.

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