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“Shang Yun”Construct the Industrial Internet in Chongqing


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“Shang Yun”Construct the Industrial Internet in Chongqing


It is reported that Chongqing is vigorously developing the construction of industrial internet in its city, and supports enterprises that are willing to "Shangyun", and construct the industrial internet in "three steps" to help enterprises occupy the commanding heights in the new round of competing.

There are many kinds of industrial enterprises in Chongqing, which is surely beneficial to construction of the industrial internet. In addition, Chongqing Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Goverment attache great important to the development of industrial internet in its city.

Chongqing will promote the development of the industrial Internet by tree levels. The first one is to promote the intelligent transformation of enterprises, to transform each production line and each workshop into a digital factory. The second one is to build a batch of the third industrial internet platform. After the digital transformation, they will come to the platform of the industrial internet, that is called " Shangyun".

In May of this year, the Chongqing Municipal Government promulgated the "Chongqing Deepening internet and advanced manufacturing indusrry to develop an industrial internet implementation plan." It has explicitly proposed to speed up the construction of intelligent equipment and digital workshops to realize digitalization, develop the industrial Internet, promote networking, and gradually lead the industrial intelligence.

To speed up the development of the industrial Internet, Chongqing will further promote the intelligentization of enterprise equipment and the construction of digital workshops, activate industrial manufacturing data, develop industrial Internet platforms, and use industrial big data; leading enterprises will lead the intelligent transformation of the industrial chain and cultivate new momentum.
On the one hand, on the supply side, through the introduction and cultivation, the supply of service capabilities of the industrial Internet platform is enhanced, and the cooperation between cloud platform service providers and manufacturing leading enterprises is supported, leading to the coordinated transformation and development of the industrial chain; on the other hand, policy funds are required on the demand side. Guide manufacturing companies to practice from the enterprise level, industry or industrial cluster level, and the new industrial ecology level.

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