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Shenzhen Hope Technology Holdings Co., Ltd.


Our service

Our main products include OPGW optical cable, ADSS optical cable, regular optical cable, optical cable fittings, cables and so on.


You can enjoy our professional, efficient and friendly service.


1. We provide with more than one year warranty. Any quality problems within 1 year, we will provide maintain service or return policy. Before return the product, we will ask for a testing.


2. We provide customized services. We have technical team to design the drawings as customers’ requirements.


3. We provide approved ISO9001 products. All of our products have quality test report. 


Product packaging

All wood or iron-wood structure cable drum for packaging. Cable drum are marked on both sides with plate number, cable type, length, and direction of rotation. Special vehicles (cranes, forklifts) must be used for loading and unloading during transportation, and the cable drum should be erected during loading and unloading so as not to damage the packaging wire rods. It is strictly forbidden to push directly from the car by hand. Special attention must be paid: the rolling distance of the cable drum ONLY can be less than 5 meters! When scrolling a short distance, it must be rotated in the direction of the rotation arrow of the OPGW disc.


Professional export packaging

1.  Can I get samples for free?

You can get a free sample. But you need to pay the price and freight in advance. Once you place the bulk order, we will return payment of the sample price to you. You just pay the freight.


2. How can I get a quotation very soon?

 When you send the inquiry please do provide necessary details. For example, if you request the quotation for OPGW, we need to know the quantity (length), diameter, RTS/UTS, short circuit current capacity. And if you can provide the cable structure or drawing, that would be better. Anyway, our salesman will guide you to do it. If you can provide more details you can get the quotation earlier.


3. Payment terms

T/T in advance. 30% deposit and 70% balance before delivery.


4. Delivery time

As most of our products need customized, usually delivery time is 15-30 days.

About Visiting:


We warmly welcome customers from all over the world to visit our factory, but please pay attention to the following tips:


1. Usually, we do not recommend that customers visiting our factory before placing an order, because customers need to pay lots of expenses on transportation, food and hotels and other fees come to China.


2. After the order is completed, we welcome customers come to visit and inspect our factory. We will afford all kinds of expenses on transportation, food, hotel and other related expenses during the visiting time.


3. We will also provide translation services and help customers book hotels and air tickets. All abouve service are free.


Thank you!

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