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New Demands of Optical Fiber Splicing Machine Market: High Quality and High-accuracy Products


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New Demands of Optical Fiber Splicing Machine Market: High Quality and High-accuracy Products

With the development of the national informatization development strategy, the large communication capacity but low transmission loss in optical fiber communication became one of the mainstream communication methods. “fiber to the home” has become a general trend. In recent years, the optical fiber market has grown rapidly. According to relevant statistics, the global optical fiber market will increase at a compound annual growth rate of 11.45% from 2017 to 2021. China, on the other hand, occupies more than half of the world's market.
New demands of optical fiber fusion splicer market: High-precision and high-quality products are sought after.

A major driver of the fiber optic market is the increased demand for increased network bandwidth. The growth of Internet bandwidth is affected by many factors, such as the increase of disruptive technologies, which will help change bandwidth usage according to the use of networks and mobile computing devices. The main driving force of the smart phone industry is the deployment of next-generation wireless networks. 5G will be a major factor in the outbreak of the market. With its associated big data network, the rapid development of industries such as IoT has also played a powerful role in fueling the rapid advancement of the optical fiber market.High-precision high-quality fiber fusion splicer sought after.

Optical fiber fusion splicer is mainly used for the construction and maintenance of optical fiber cable in optical communication. The quality of optical fiber fusion splicer affects the data transmission quality and operation cost of optical network. Its importance is self-evident. However, in recent years, the market of optical fiber fusion splicer has been fiercely competitive, with similar products, mixed results, and the phenomenon of homogenous competition is very obvious. Products that can satisfy customers' demands have become the favorite of the market.

As the demand for optical fibers increases year by year, the fusion engineering of optical fiber cables is increasingly frequent. The requirements for quality, speed, and precision are increasing. The high-end optical fiber fusion splicers with high-precision, high-efficiency, high-functionality, and other high-tech requirements gradually become the market Preferred product. According to the relevant personnel editor to the OFweek optical communication network, recently, Sumitomo Electric's high-precision fiber core aligning optical fiber fusion splicer TYPE-82C officially listed in the Chinese market, grand launch of this high-end fusion splicer will meet the above requirements of our customers.

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