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Fiber Optic Cable FAQ

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Fiber Optic Cable FAQ


OPGW Cable knowledge sharing

OPGW Cable knowledge sharing


OPGW Overhead Ground Wire

As we all know , with the development of the fiber communication , the higher speed and min-cost are becoming more and more important in the market.

According to the global market , we remote the OPGW(Optical ground wire) Cable to you.

Hope it can be helpful for you and your business.

The Features of OPGW Cable

OPGW Overhead Ground Wire(also called optic cable composite overhead ground wire) ,has anti-electromagnetic interference, with ground and communication dual function.  Commonly structure of OPGW (mainly 3 types):

Type 1. Aluminum tube structure.

Type 2. Aluminum frame structure.

Type 3. stainless steel tube structure.

OPGW is particularly suitable for:

(1) high voltage lines above 110kv, large span, usually more than 250M;

(2) easy to maintain, its mechanical properties can meet the line across;

(3) OPGW outer layer of metal armor, will not affect the high voltage erosion and degradation;

Main technical parameters of OPGW cable (geometric characteristics):

Take 1310nm as an example:

1. Mode field diameter (specified value 9.3 ± 0.5μm)

2. Mode field is not roundness (specified value ≤ 2.0%)

3. Cladding diameter (specified value 125 ± 0.5 μm)

4. Cladding non-circularity (specified value ≤ 2.0%)

5. Mold field / cladding concentricity deviation (specified value ≤ 1.0μm)

6. Coating diameter (specified value 250 ± 0.5μm)

7. Cladding/ coating concentricity deviation (specified value ≤ 12.5 μm)

Main technical parameters of OPGW cable (optical characteristics):

1. Operating wavelength (1310nm or 1550nm)

2. Attenuation (1310 nm is <0.37 dB / km; 1550 nm is <0.25 dB / km)

3. Zero dispersion wavelength (1310nm ~ 1320nm)

4. Dispersion: 1285 to 1330 nm = 3.5 ps / (nm · km)

1270 to 1340 nm = 6.0 Ps / (nm · km)

5. Zero dispersion slope (0.092Ps / (nm · km))

6. Fiber cut-off wavelength-2M sample (1190nm ~ 1310nm)

Main technical parameters OPGW cable (environmental characteristics):

1. Application temperature range (-30 ℃ ~ +80 ℃)

2. Attenuation - temperature characteristics (≤0.05 dB / km)

3. Accelerated aging (70 ° C) induced attenuation (≤0.05 dB / km)

To check OPGW performance, what do we need to focus on ?  the greater the short circuit current, the more need to use a good conductor to make armor (but it reduces the tensile strength), so to improve the short-circuit current capacity, in the case of tensile strength specified, only increased Metal cross-sectional area (resulting in larger cable diameter and increased cable weight). Now you need to consider the safety on the strength of pole or tower.

The advantages of OPGW Cable supplied by Hope Tech

1. Price : Hope Tech are as a professional manufacturer in the optical fiber market, and the price is very competitive, 50% discount on first purchase.

If you want know more, pls tell us how many you want , then we will try our best to support you.

2. Quality : Five testing before packaging to ensure the quality of every products.We provide approved ISO9001 products. All of our products have quality test report.

3.OEM & ODM service for all the optical cable.

4. We provide with more than one year warranty. Any quality problems within 1 year, we will provide maintain service or return policy.

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