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5G Market, The Domestric Optical Communication Chip Industry In The Expansion


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5G Market, The Domestric Optical Communication Chip Industry In The Expansion


Many experts from the industry refer to 2018 as the first year of 5G. The opportunities it brings to the industry are undoubtedly huge. According to relevant agencies' forecasts, by 2020, the base station scale in China will reach 100 billion, and the overall market prospect of 5G industry is very promising.

5G brings tremendous opportunities to optical communication chips. The trend of triple play, the development of communication chips in mobile communications, wireless Internet and wireless data transmission industry, especially supporting communication chips of 5G, will become the largest semiconductor chip industry in the world. Application market.

The shortage of domestic optical chips has become the key factor to restricting the development of the communications optical electronic device industry. This is also a major challenge for the development of domestic 5G, because the domestic optical communications chips rely heavily on imports, especially in the high-end communications chip, relatively lack of independent research and development capabilities .

In recent years, the state has attached more importance to the chip industry than ever before. For companies, the market prospects for optical communication chips are limitless, and domestic communication companies are investing more and more to develop chips. Based on this, OF week optical communication network edited the layout of domestic enterprises for optical communication chips, in the future, they will be the main body of this market.

Above four companies are main body of market in chip industry of China. Both of them not only has the basic foundation to create hi-tech chip but also fully suppoted by goverment.

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