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  • Suspension Clamp OPGW
  • Suspension Clamp OPGW

Suspension Clamp OPGW

  • Product Model: SN20130312111035411

Product Instruction:

OPGW single suspension clamp is intended to connect OPGW on straight-line pole. The preformed rod clamp, with no concentrated stress, avoiding bend stress, plays a role to protect cable and assist reducing vibration. The whole set of suspension clamp contains: preformed rod, suspension clamp, and matching connection hardware. The clamp holding strength is over cable rated tensile strength for 10-20%, easy to install.

Mostly intended for OPGW in erecting straight-line pole, one pole for one set

Configure model by cable diameter 

Installation of OPGW Suspension Clamp

suspension clamp installation view

Components: outer preformed rod (dead end), structural reinforcing rod, anchor shackle, chain link, suspension clamp, rubber clamp, U-strap, ground wire clamp

Installation Steps:

suspension clamp installation view-1

1.   choose a hang point on pole, fasten connection fitting, make a suspension mark on cable as a winding center;

suspension clamp installation view-2

2.   take a single structural reinforcing rod, aim its installation mark at suspension mark made in step 1, wind separately for 2-3 pitches toward both ends;

suspension clamp installation view-3

3.   as former step, wind the 2nd structural reinforcing rod around cable; 

suspension clamp installation view-4

4.   complete winding the rest of structural reinforcing rod as above (keep both ends of preformed rod loose);

suspension clamp installation view-5

5.   complete winding both ends of preformed rod by hand

suspension clamp installation view-6

ensuring an even winding;

suspension clamp installation view-7

6.   split rubber clamp into 2 parts, one left, another right, aim its center at center color mark of structural reinforcing rod, enchase it outside the preformed rod, and fasten with tape;

suspension clamp installation view-8  

 correct installation

7.   take one outer preformed rod (dead end), make its center color mark aligned with rubber clamp center (make the surface of outer preformed rod (dead end) coincided with that of rubber clamp), wind outer preformed rod (dead end) on each side of rubber clamp for 2-3 pitches;   

suspension clamp installation view-9

   incorrect installation

not wind outer preformed rod on rubber clamp like that;

suspension clamp installation view-10

8.   as step 7, wind the 2nd outer preformed rod on another side of rubber clamp;

suspension clamp installation view-11

9.   as former step, complete winding the all outer preformed rods in the same interval (not overlap, cross or distort it);

suspension clamp installation view-12

10.   wind both ends of preformed rod by hand;

suspension clamp installation view-13

keep it natural and level ;

suspension clamp installation view-14

11.   make suspension clamp center aiming at the center mark of the outer preformed rod (dead end), enchase suspension clamp outside preformed rod, leaving its lug upward;

suspension clamp installation view-15

12.   enchase U-strap onto suspension clamp from bottom to top, pat it in place by hand;

suspension clamp installation view-16

13.   connect suspension clamp to connection fitting, screw up and set pin up;

suspension clamp installation view-17

14.   connect pliers-clamp of ground wire, screw up;

suspension clamp installation view-18

15.   wear with ground terminal, screw up;

suspension clamp installation view-19

16.   installation is over.


1.   select suspension clamp model should depend on cable’s outer diameter, span, etc.;  

2.   in moving and installation, it shan’t be extruded or severely impacted to prevent from deformation;

3.   as matching parts for suspension clamp, preformed rod shall not be used repeatedly;  

4.   not change randomly the quantity and length of the suspension clamp parts, not be used repeatedly, it’s only be dismantled and reassembled once, that’s permanent installation;

5.   winding the preformed rod is required to operate by hand, not use any tools to avoid from damaging cable;

6.   if in doubt, please contact us.


If you have inquiry and suggestion, don’t hesitate contact us. It’s our pleasure.

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