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  • ST Fiber Optic Patch Cords

ST Fiber Optic Patch Cords

  • Product Model: ST


☆.CATV, Metro.
☆.Active device termination, Test equipment.
☆.Telecommunication networks, Local Area Networks (LANs) , Data processing networks.
☆.Premise installations, Wide Area Networks (WANs).
☆.Industrial, medical & military.


☆.High return loss.
☆.Low insertion loss.
☆.Good interchangeability and duplication.
☆.Made by high quality ceramic sleeve .

ST fiber optic patch cable cord descriptions

ST patch cable is easy to insert and remove. If you experience high light loss, try to reconnect it. The ST patch cord is old generation of connectors, but is still commonly used for multimode networks.ST patch cable are rated for 500 mating cycles.

ST fiber cable connector has bayonet-style housing and a long spring-loaded ferrule hold the fiber. They are available in both multimode and single mode versions. Horizontally mounted simplex and duplex adapters are available with metal or plastic housing, with a choice of phosphor bronze or zirconia split sleeve. The ST Fiber Optic Patch Cables is one of the older generations of connector, but is still widely used for multimode networks, including LANs for buildings and campuses.


ST fiber patch cables specifications:

1. Insert Loss:

   Single mode patch cable: ≤0.3dB

   Multi mode patch cable: ≤0.3dB

2. Return Loss:

   Single mode patch cord: PC ≤-50 dB; UPC≤-55 dB; APC≤-60dB

   Multi mode patch cord: ≥20dB

3. Duplicated ≤0.1dB

4. Interchangeable≤0.2dB

5. Inserts pulls out the number of times (time) ≥1000

6. Working Temperature: -40~+80

7. Color: Single Mode: Yellow, Multi Mode: Orange


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