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  • FC Fiber Optic Patch Cords

FC Fiber Optic Patch Cords

  • Product Model: FC


☆.CATV, Metro.
☆.Active device termination, Test equipment.
☆.Telecommunication networks, Local Area Networks (LANs) , Data processing networks.
☆.Premise installations, Wide Area Networks (WANs).
☆.Industrial, medical & military.


☆.High return loss.
☆.Low insertion loss.
☆.Good interchangeability and duplication.
☆.Made by high quality ceramic sleeve.


FC fiber optic patch cable cord descriptions

The FC patch cable is the most popular patch cable used today, FC patch cable were applied in high-vibration environment. FC patch cable is completely intermateable with NTT-FC product.

The FC fiber optic patch cable can screw on firmly, but you need to have the key aligned in the slot properly before you tighten it. LC patch cord and SC patch cord are more popular now.

Same as SC fiber connector, FC is also invention of NTT Company from Japan. FC is with metal housing, screw structure, as the same products developed by one company, FC fiber optic connector ferrule and sleeves used in FC fiber optic adaptor are both same as SC ones.

FC fiber optic patch cable specifications:

1. Insert Loss:

   Single mode patch cable: ≤0.3dB

   Multi mode patch cable: ≤0.3dB

2. Return Loss:

   Single mode patch cord: PC ≤-50 dB; UPC≤-55 dB; APC≤-60dB

   Multi mode patch cord: ≥20dB

3. Duplicated ≤0.1dB

4. Interchangeable≤0.2dB

5. Inserts pulls out the number of times (time) ≥1000

6. Working Temperature: -40~+80

7. Color: Single Mode: Yellow, Multi Mode: Orange



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