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  • Repairs made to fibre optic cable between Egypt and Libya By Callum Paton.

    Source: Internet | Author: Admin | 2014/03/28

    A fibre optic cable between Egypt and Libya was repaired this morning after being cut yesterday on the Egyptian side of the border near Shalloum. Deputy Communications Minister Mohammed Bilrasa...


    Source: Internet | Author: Admin | 2014/03/27

    Google is on a mission to update the web’s wiring—and they’re not talking a decade or more to do it. Google CFO, Patrick Pichette, recently said his firm is working to boost internet...

  • Google Fiber testing Charlotte for fiber-optic network like Fibrant

    Source: Internet | Author: Admin | 2014/03/26

    SALISBURY — Google Fiber is considering building a high-speed broadband network in Charlotte that would run hundreds of miles of fiber optic cable and offer speeds up to 100 times faster than ba...

  • Before you buy, know your broadband speed

    Source: Internet | Author: Admin | 2014/03/25

    We have all become hooked on broadband. Fast connection to the internet has become as important as having a reliable electricity or water supply, with the Government estimating that 90 per cent of Lon...

  • US Drones' Yemen Deaths: Was Lord Livingston Linked to BT Fibre-Optics Deal?

    Source: Internet | Author: Admin | 2014/03/24

    Lord Livingston, former CEO of BT, is at the centre of a row over the company's involvement in America's secret military drone war, which has killed hundreds of civilians in Yemen. Livingston w...

  • Cable which sells the cheapest price?

    Source: Internet | Author: Admin | 2013/06/06

    Shenzhen Hope Technology Holding Co., Ltd,Shenzhen is a fiber optic cable, optical components product research, development, production as a whole, engineering services, supplemented by high-tech ente...

  • Fiber to the home --- how to crack the real practical problem of low loading

    Source: Internet | Author: Admin | 2013/06/06

    After several years of efforts, fiber coverage has been basically "everywhere." To China Telecom, for example, as of March this year, China Telecom, the South City 8M access bandwidth coverage to 93.9...

  • OTDR Manufacturing Principles

    Source: Internet | Author: Admin | 2013/03/18

    OTDR manufacturing principles:It is made based the light backscattering and Fresnel reflection principleBackscatter method (1): the starting end in the optical fiber cable within the numerical apert...

  • The Main Features of the Central Tube Cable

    Source: Internet | Author: Admin | 2013/03/18

    The main features of the central tube cable:1 The peculiar spiral groove loose tube design is conducive to precise control of the excess length of the optical fiber cable, to ensure that the cable ha...

  • The Repair Method of the Optical Fiber Outer Layer

    Source: Internet | Author: Admin | 2013/03/18

    Shrink tube encapsulation methodHeat shrink tubing can wear in the cable case, the damage to the fiber optic plastic outer sheath can use the tube type heat shrink sleeve repair. Fiber optic cable li...

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