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The Integrated Wiring Scheme of POF Optical Fiber Cable

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 The POF fiber integrated wiring system can be used as the solution for the intelligent building and computer network transmission, and it being widely used since it developed. On the basis of the difference positions and functions, the wiring system can be divided into the following sub-module system:

1.  Work Area Subsystem

   The work area is a place for dialogue between staff and communications equipment. It includes a variety of hardware which can connect the customer terminal PC or workstation to the communication socket.

2. Horizontal Cabling Subsystem

   Horizontal cabling is a part of the system which can connect the telecommunications closet to the work area, the product it usually used including the cooper (4 twisted pair) or fiber optical cable (indoor multimode or single mode).

3.  Telecommunication Closets

   The telecommunication closet is used to place the communication equipment (mainly include LAN hubs and switchboard) and horizontal cross connect (Cable terminal and Cross-block wiring hardware), the horizontal cross connect can provide the connection between main wiring or communication equipment and horizontal cabling.

4.  Vertical Trunk Subsystem

   The backbone system is the trunking system which combines all floors; it consists of copper cable (large logarithmic copper) multicore cable or a combination of both.

5.  Equipment Subsystem

   The equipment room usually placed the voice and data equipment (PBX and all kinds of Web server, etc), and is the main network node Lord cross-connections. Main cross-connections for communication equipment and level between cross-connections or in a big building or park environment among the cross-connections provide cross connection.


   In the POF fiber integrated wiring solutions, the backbone generally uses the traditional quartz optical fiber such as multimode optical cable. POF plastic optical fiber is mainly applied in connecting a variety of horizontal systems, used to meet the needs that transmit quantities of data from network switch to all computers in working area. Horizontal data connection, in other words, fiber to the table, due to the connection number, the adoption of the traditional quartz fiber is very difficult to achieve common use whatever in cost, project, management and maintain, but the POF has a larger diameter (1mm), it is very easy to realize optical fiber terminal, coupling and construction, and it has a undemanding to the minimum bending radius and installing environment conditions. So in high-grade full light wiring system, gigabit network system and anti-interference prevent signal leakage wiring system engineering, it can be better than other types of transmission line.

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