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What are the advantages of plastic optical fiber

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 Plastic optical fiber light, soft, more resistant to damage (vibration and bending). Plastic optical fiber has a superior tensile strength, durability and small footprint features. These advantages make the plastic optical fiber in the car in the successful application of particularly important. A typical luxury car interior at least a few kilometers of copper wire and copper, has greatly increased the weight and cost. Planes, trains and all other means of transport has been true.

   Because of the large-diameter plastic optical fiber and the numerical aperture, the light transmission capacity. Type plastic optical fiber transmission medium than copper (twisted pair and coaxial cable) has a much higher bandwidth capacity. The higher the frequency of transmission, the use of plastic optical fiber the lower the cost.

Plastic optical fiber cutting, wiring, bonding, polishing and other processing easier. Because of the larger diameter plastic optical fiber installation and with the devices, light sources, detectors and other connections easy and low cost, non-professionals capable of performing these operations. Plastic optical fiber connections to prepare a maximum of 1 minute, do not require special tools. Even the simplest of scissors can also be used to cut plastic optical fiber. Plastic fiber optic transceiver modules using 650nm wavelength red light, very safe, user-visible fiber-optic connections are also easy to judge the success. In addition, the plastic optical fiber connections to stay hidden on the end is not sensitive to dust and debris.

  Plastic optical fiber does not produce radiation, completely immune to electromagnetic interference and radio frequency interference and noise. This is the video and audio streaming is particularly important, it is clear that these disturbances and noise affect the image and service quality. Plastic optical fiber can be in the same pipes and copper wiring harness side by side or in the same placement. Plastic optical fiber does not produce noise, does not currently have a negative impact on the pipe network.

POF systems and low cost. It is said that for home consumer electronics, home networking and automotive, including audio, DVD, VCR, etc. Each connection costs less than $ 20. So these devices can be purchased at the general store.

Data transmission via plastic optical fiber is not likely to be tapped, so that plastic optical fiber for high degree of safety in some situations, it is very applicable.

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