What we do?

We are focus on the production of fiber optic cable and cable fittings At same time, we have perfect production equipment and strong sales team, we are provide best quality and service for our customer. Our products all over the world. Below as of our products list, Click on the product you are interested can see the detailed. If you have inquiry and suggestion, don’t hesitate contact us. It’s our pleasure.

  • Central Loose Tube OPGW Cable

    Central Loose Tube OPGW Cable

    OPGW cable is mainly used in 500KV, 220KV and 110KV lines, limited by power cut, security and other elements, mostly used in new lines. Its applications are:high pressure over 110kv, with a longer spa

  • Tension Dead-end for OPGW

    Tension Dead-end for OPGW

    OPGW tension clamp is intended to turn angle, continue, and connect terminal. Helical aluminum clad steel rod.

  • ADSS Cable

    ADSS Cable

    ADSS with grade A sheath (Parts) Structure drawingOrder Type ModelADSS-PE 24 M15.5/ AADSS-PE48 M17.7 / CADSS-PE72 M21.2 / D Fiber count24fiber48fiber72fiber

  • Tension Dead-end for ADSS

    Tension Dead-end for ADSS

    The tension dead-end is intended for turning angle, continuing and terminal connecting. The helical aluminum-clad steel rod has strong tensile strength, no concentrative stress, plays a role to protec

  • OPLC Fiber Composite Cable

    OPLC Fiber Composite Cable

    Application:Suitable for a minefield and electronagnetic interference,seriously aera of cable distribution.Access network and local network in high eletromagnetic interfering places.

  • Stranded OPGW Cable

    Stranded OPGW Cable

    OPGW (Optical Fiber Composited Overhead Ground Wire), a tech-product emerged in power industry in 1970s, is used to connect power and communication that are the world’s most important public network

  • Suspension Clamp OPGW

    Suspension Clamp OPGW

    OPGW single suspension clamp is intended to connect OPGW on straight-line pole. The preformed rod clamp, with no concentrated stress

  • Vibration Damper (Hammer)

    Vibration Damper (Hammer)

    The 4D series of vibration damper is designed in a form of Stockbridge Tuning-Fork, 4 resonant frequencies with a range of 3-150Hz


  • What will happen if a fiber is smaller than its minimum bend radius?

    What will happen if a fiber is smaller than its minimum bend radius?

    Bending a fiber cable over its MBR is one of the biggest factors in fiber damage in projects to install fiber cables. This practice can break the fibers inside or increase fiber attenuation (fiber pow

  • What is loaded MBR?

    What is loaded MBR?

    It ‘s the fiber cable bend radius specification during a cable pull as in the installation process. The cable must not bend tighter than its loaded MBR at any time during the installation proces

  • What are the most important things to be respected in fiber cable?

    What are the most important things to be respected in fiber cable?

    During each of the fiber optic cable installation project, we must bear in mind two very important things: First, it is never too bend the fiber cable above the minimum radius of curvature. Second, ne

  • What is MBR Fiber?

    What is MBR Fiber?

    Fiber optic cables are composed of individual fibers (wires). individual fibers have a minimum bend radius specification, which is usually 2 ~ 3 cm and is much smaller than the cable jacket.